Monday, July 19, 2010


Just a general comment before this next entry, I will state that the times that Korea has been pumpin' out lately deserves a massive standing O. This weekend was probably one of the most solid getaways to date. It seems that the fun never stops in the ROK, and this weekend was no exception.

MudFest was the name of the game, and was exactly as it sounds. Thousands of foreigners from all over Korea made their way to Boryeon in Daecheon, a huge beach on the west coast. The good times started on the morning train ride over and ceased to stop even in a glorified typhoon. We partied ... and played in a lot of mud. Mud obstacle courses, mud slides, mud wrestling pits, you name it, we put mud in and/or around it. Thank the Korean Beer Lords for those 2L plastic pitchers of beer which we carried around all day. Taking class to a whole new level.

We woke up to find the typhoon had decided to chill, and we had one of those classic relaxing beach days. A little more mud, some body surfing, some street dogs, and an accidental sunburn. The train ride home was a sight: Thousands of foreigners, hungover, burnt to a crisp, still displaying traces of mud, but have all just experienced the same rockin' time, doin' it up right in the 진흙. MUDFEST. WOO.

One more week of teaching and then we're off to Malaysia and Bali. Booyah, ajumma.

Conclusion concludes: still loving it, still happy.

Peace out, y'all.

Til next time.

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