Friday, July 16, 2010

Jose, can you see?

July 4th weekend was quite the time. Our friend Kim organized a huge scavenger hunt all around Dongtan for the waegooks in the area. Over 30 people showed up and took part in some pretty hilarious challenges. Top of the list: getting in the trunk of a random person's car, getting on the announcer's mic at the grocery store, and my personal favorite, getting slapped across the face with a live octopus (Don't ask us how we found one).

After the hunt we all came back to our pad for a huge potluck, watched the vids, tallied the points, and had the medal ceremony. My team came in second, while Bry's took first place and was awarded the Soju Trophy of Pride and Personal Achievement. Topped off the day with Beer Olympics in the park (flip cup relay... taking the game to a whole new physical level) and fireworks. Ohhhh Canadaaa.... that our flag was still thereeee...

We are currently on our way to Mudfest! And it just happens to be completely typhooning. So we'll see how that turns out. (But I'm assuming it will be completely radical.)

Until next time,

Word to your Oma.

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