Thursday, May 20, 2010

City Oasis

Solid discoveries this past weekend. We stumbled upon a pool in the Waegook district of Seoul, that just happens to be atop a major hotel, with a full lawn chair, beer, and bbq service. We checked it out this past Sunday and it passed the test - t'will certainly become a humid summer getaway locale. Oh, and we also saw the biggest dude ever. Check it.

It is currently a Thursday night of a 3 day weekend, and we're gaming up for an island adventure. We're heading to Gunsan, a group of islands of the west coast of Korea. About 15 of us rented a pension and plan of hitting up boats, bikes, and snorkelling. Beers, bbq, and bitchin' times are also on the menu. Huge shout out to Buddha for being born. Cheers to you, big guy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The killer weather has brought along killer times, the highlights of which are certainly blog-worthy, so here goes:

Our first weekend of nice weather we spent parking it up hardcore. We discovered a park right next to our house that is always empty (a strange phantom of Korea, we believe). So we regularly get some pizza and beers and chill in the sun, working on our tans for our upcoming trip to Bali (in July, booyah!). I missed the sun so much, it feels amazing to lounge on the grass drinking beers, we lucked our hardcore that our dong is green and spacious. VERY few areas in Korea are, so we're certainly amongst the fortunate ones.

The following weekend was slightly more interesting than others, as it included a BB gun and interior target shooting. Our friend Ian bought a BB Gun spontaneously so we thought it was fitting to target practice whilst enjoying some homemade soju cocktails. It's the kind of fun that only Korea brings about, and I must say, I'm enjoying thoroughly. We ended the night with some cards, arguing over the American vs. Canadian variations, and came up with a lovely version of Asshole which I'll definitely bring back home. Country amalgamation adds huge variety to drinking games, one of the great additions of living overseas with international strangers.

The following weekend we had a genius idea to hit up the nearest beach, which is 1hr and a half away. Brutal for an east coaster, but c'est la vie, ya make it work. Unfortunately, on this adventure, we did NOT make it work, and ended up throwing in the towel whilst stranded at a bus stop, significantly bus-less. We made the most of the event and spent the rest of the day wandering around Seoul, hitting up outdoor markets. Beach adventure Round 2 is on the horizon, but this time we're taking a boat.

Next up was a much needed midweek break; Children's Day (National Holiday) was on a Wednesday, which also fell on Cinco de Mayo. Obvious theme? Mexican Fiesta. Chelsea orchestrated the event that we held at our place, which included a potluck of excellent Mexican grub. We chilled outside at our pagoda all day, playing cards and bball. We then discovered there was a local K POP concert right in our neighbourhood! Jammed with tons of people, small and pop star obsessed, we rocked out to some solid K Pop music (which I have shamefully grown to love... shhh..). We ended the night with some rockclimbing amongst the kiddies, and chowed down onsome bbq Chilean pork, drool-worthy. As my expression-filled mother would say, "A great time was had by all," and indeed it was.

Last weekend we met up with some pretty rad friends. Remember the wedding we went to a few months ago? Well that dude (Greg) had a birthday, and decided to spend it in the big city next to us. We put on our fanciest digs and went to an All You Can Drink / All You Can Eat / Champagne / Wine / Sangria Buffet. And yes, it was totally pimp and as awesome as it sounds.

Right now I'm just getting ready for bed. Current state is Tuesday night, post work, post gym, post supper, pre It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Comatose soon, time to shut 'er down.

Until next time,

Lots of Love from SK,