Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bob and Cheryl's Excellent Korean Adventure!

Apprehension, hesitation, doubt, and a deep-set general fear, were all emotions I experience in preparation of my parents' arrival. In August of 2010, Bob and Cheryl made the long voyage to visit Selina and I here in South Korea, and also take a detour to see Satomi in Japan. Although they have traveled before, no trip had been as far, or to locations outside the comfort zone of English tourism and accommodation. I was a little worried they would get lost, stranded, or end up in China . . .

Fortunately, I was proven wrong and we all had an amazingly hilarious Bob and Cheryl adventure here in Asia, complete with exploring Namsan mountain, kareoke, going to temples, and trying lots of new foods. Bob took immediately to the chopsticks as Cheryl kept a fork in her purse at all times, actually. Also, Bob adapted to the finer offerings of Korea: kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage), soju (rice alcohol), and spam (a delicacy!)
They left for four days to Japan where Satomi showed them Ninja castles, busy shopping streets, and introduced them to more foods unfamiliar.

Upon their arrival back to Korea we had a surprise waiting for them: Jenny Sloan! My cousin Jenny came from Vietnam to spend the weekend with us. Selina and I found ourselves hosting a full house, and it really started to feel a bit like home. All in all it was an amazing trip, Cheryl never tried chopsticks, the locals are still confused by things Bob was ranting about, and nobody ever wants to see a temple ever again!