Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Clean!

After last year's costume success (Wayne and Garth - shwing!), Bry and I were a little hesitant to tackle Hallowe'en #2. However, Mr. Clean and his housewife were a major party hit. Slightly lost on Europeans (Are you Sisqo?) all the North Americans were drawn to the bright white, big, bad cleaning machine. Bry played the part perfectly and I was a loyal supporting actress. Partying with the likes of Dr. Pepper, the Hamburgular, Van Gogh, and the Care Bears, Hallowe'en proved itself as it has every year, letting the kid inside escape for some good old fashioned childhood fun.

How'd we do?


After renting a love motel and accidentally staying out far too late wandering the streets of Seoul, Brent, Lizzie, Bryan and I set off for an early morning trek to Mungyeong Ziplining course. On a couple (and I do mean a couple) hours of sleep, a 7am subway, and a 2.5 hour bus ride, we made it to Zipline Heaven. Following a rocky ride in the back of a questionable truck up the spirals of a fall-colored mountainside, we started the fun. We ziplined for 3 hours, from summit to base. I learned that flying through the air with gorgeous Korean countryside views is a decent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Fresh air, good friends, and another bullet checked off the bucket list, we chalked the weekend up to success and logged it in the file of good memories and great times.

Oh Korea, you did it again.

Global Gathering Korea

This summer was a blur, with our trip to Bali, my parents visiting from Ottawa, Lo and Kev from Busan, and Jenny from Vietnam. So Global Gathering electronic music festival seemed the perfect way to finish off the amazing times we had and say good-bye to the warm weather. With a massive outdoor venue, ideally set beside the Han river, Global Gathering provided the perfect opportunity to have one of those nights you find yourself wandering home in the morning sun, broke, lost, deaf, and completely at peace with the fact that you lost one of your shoes. Also, somehow Korea was able to swing a mind-blowing lineup featuring FATBOY SLIM, JUSTICE, and ARMIN VAN BURREN! Needless to say the stoke was burning high.

Upon arrival I was intrigued by the sea of taco trucks and Jagger tents, I knew this night was chalking up. Two tacos down and a fist full of Jagger (5 for $20), Justice hit the stage and I held onto Selina for her life, shielding her from crowd surfers and a crowd going nuts for Justice's heavy acid organ drops. It was a mashy good time. Afterwards as we were refuelling with more Jagger bombs and butter chicken there was a summoning calling from the main stage "I want to praise you like I shhhooouullldddddddddddddddd." IT WAS TIME. I have seen a lot of DJs . . . hands down FatBoy was the most schooled in the art having thousands of people leaping and screaming for two solid hours. No down time, zero. Not even a bit. All in all a wonderfully charming evening!