Thursday, May 20, 2010

City Oasis

Solid discoveries this past weekend. We stumbled upon a pool in the Waegook district of Seoul, that just happens to be atop a major hotel, with a full lawn chair, beer, and bbq service. We checked it out this past Sunday and it passed the test - t'will certainly become a humid summer getaway locale. Oh, and we also saw the biggest dude ever. Check it.

It is currently a Thursday night of a 3 day weekend, and we're gaming up for an island adventure. We're heading to Gunsan, a group of islands of the west coast of Korea. About 15 of us rented a pension and plan of hitting up boats, bikes, and snorkelling. Beers, bbq, and bitchin' times are also on the menu. Huge shout out to Buddha for being born. Cheers to you, big guy!

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