Tuesday, July 20, 2010

R16 Breakdancing World Cup

Korea is good at: making cars, computers, cell phones, kimchi, cheap alcohol, pop music, and breakdancers. As was witnessed at R16 International Breakdancing World Cup held in the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. Selina, Lizzie and I attended the singles battles on the second day which had me jumping out of my seat screaming like my pants were on fire. It was divided into three sections: Poppin, Lockin, and Breakin, the latter of the three making me the most emotional. There were contestants from all over the place, some of which I have never even heard of like - Germany, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Holland, Venezuela, USA, Korea - and a whole bunch of other ones I can't remember. Also, the judging panel was holding its own weight, being composed of originators to the art form. This was the biggest event I had ever attended, being accustomed to the humble Canadian gatherings of home.

Highlights of the night included the intermissions which combined traditional Korean dance, TaeKwonDo, and modern breakdancing. And another which mashed-up military band marching and modern dance, resulting in one of the most innovative routines I'd ever seen. After the final singles battle everyone washed out into the stadium parking lot still burning from the two DJs and live band that serenaded the crowd and competitors. On the subway ride home I watched teenagers battle each other in the aisle as the train waved back and forth headed home to Gangnam Station. Korea is good at: soccer, BBQ restaurants, speed skating, breakdancing, and having a really good time. One more reason to love the Republic.

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