Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poly' Ween

Halloween at our school was a spook-fest complete with 2 real magicians, 1 real dove-in-a-hat, 4 Snow Whites, 2 Batmans, 1 Ariel, Thomas The Train, Harry Potter and 8 Spidermans (one being Jason teacher). Selina and I were somewhat last minute having just landed in the country but managed to put together a beautiful fairy and a surprisingly stylish Frankenstein.

All morning there was a round robin of activities such as jack'o lantern carving, bobbing for candies, face painting, pin the tail on the cat (a more multi-dexterous version of the original donkey game), a magic show, fashion show and costume contest (one of which my class representative placed very highly, dressed as a pirate from the Johnny Depp Caribbean adventure films).

Halloween is relatively new to South Korea, but apparent that it will soon be conquered by the unyielding need to dress their children to perfection. Halloween is but an opportunity to act upon this need without restrain, ornamented by all the fairy tale characters that fill 20-something Westerners childhood memories. A beautiful balance of East and West.

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