Sunday, November 15, 2009

If You're Gonna Spew . . .

Halloween night was spent in Seoul complete with Soju, Westerner Bars, and 2am galbi. Selina and I went as Wayne and Garth, accompanied by Khalil who surprised us with the best Hulk Hogan outfit to set foot on the Asian peninsula. It began to feel like the old Korea I had come to love as we pounded cans of Cass on the Subway downtown with some of the locals. Khalil shared a sip of his last beer with the guy in the picture only to have him get off at the next stop, beer in hand. Once downtown, we entered a costume contest at "Beer'O Clock", Khalil for single costume and Selina and I for couples.

About half way through the night Selina and I received a tap on the shoulder, only to turn around to see the other Wayne and Garth that decided to enter the same couples contest. Unfortunately, the other girl dressed as Garth was an exact resemblance, crushing our hopes of taking home the cash prize.

So with us out of the game Khalil was our sole defender, and he was doing an amazing Holgan from atop the bar for the majority of the night. He was tied for first place with Squirrel Man (?) when the winner had to be decided with a beer chug. Ends up Squirrel Master was also a contender at the beer Olymics and devoured the beer faster than the speed of sound. Shortly after our defeat the DJ dropped "Bohemian Rhapsody." Chairs were shuffled and all four of us were ushered to the floor to reenact the car scene stylized with spew cups and head banging.

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