Saturday, November 14, 2009

Away We Go

Selina and I left Canada on a whim with about 4 weeks worth of planning, signed a year and a half long contract in Dongtan, South Korea to be Kindergarden teachers. I was in Korea previously in 2006, Gumi, Kyongsanbuk-do, teaching at a Hogwan and at LG Philips Displays as a private tutor for factory directors, but I never imagined returning as a Kindergarden teacher. Although, I am very excited to see Dongtan, a new "planned" city. Two years ago there were empty fields in the place of what is now one of the most "ubiquitous" and "cutting-edge" cities in the world. The entire city was constructed in what seems a flash and is incredible to the point of being unlike the Korea I came to know previously. It is pristine in the wake of what was once the raw Korea I had taken in a ferocious Soju head-lock. It is a whole new Republic and a whole new relationship. The shady Hogwan replaced by a high end private school, the under-the-table contract replaced by Health Care, and a pension. But I accept the new Korea with open arms, and am even more excited to experience it with the woman I love.

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  1. Nice finale to that wonderful description of South Korea. And obviously the best choice of pictures to show the woman you love. lol