Thursday, November 19, 2009

Central Park Y'All

Central Park runs right through the center of Dongtan and is one block from our house. It has a facility for every sport imaginable including turf soccer fields, multiple full size basketball courts, tennis, hiking trails, a skatepark and a rock climbing wall.

The closest thing I've seen to a skateboard before this would be the infamous ESS-Boards, which are two foot pads connected by a swivel body and ride on two wheels. But, besides the hoards of kids on rollerblades I have actually seen one other guy on a skateboard who was actually alright.

The park is really good considering. It has two fun minis connected with a spine, speed rollers, quarters and a 6 foot half pipe. Also, everything is set up so you can push around the whole park in one line (complete with guiding arrows). I really hope a facility like this will spark interest in skateboarding here. I have seen a bit in Seoul but not much beyond the city limits.

Right behind the skatepark is a really fun rock wall that is suited for all levels. One side is fairy simple but the other is around 3-4 stories and is all overhang. The holds are all pretty easy, and there are harness hooks all the ways along. Last weekend Selina and I did a full walk-about of the park and it took us about 3 hours. This should give you an idea of it's size in its state of near completion. Also, my students were shocked to hear about how New York City stole the name to use for their park.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. You guys should be in great shape when you get back.