Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Turkey Bowl

Selina's Turn - Let's hear it for Turkey Day!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, our school went on a field trip to an Education Playground - and icy wonderland of styrofoam igloos, tie-die t-shirts and a snow room. The 'snow', however, was a room full of flour for the kids to play in. Genius. With no type of heads-up to this detail, we were left teaching our afternoon kids covered head to toe in flour - also genius. However, the young ones had a ball, and it's great to see children running around at their happiest. Everyday I love my kids more and more, and find myself demanding hugs and squishes more and more often. I've learned that nothing beats an 'I love you, Selina Teacher' first thing on a Monday morning.

Our Thanksgiving continued with a dinner at school - turkey, spaghetti, and chicken balls - all of my traditional favourites. Thanksgiving ended with a deep appreciation for all that I'm thankful for: A glass shower, my family, the opportunity to explore the world, and you.

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