Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Big Arrival

So, we made it. We've survived the first 2 weeks on this luscious sub-tropical island. What have we been up to, you ask? Oh, if only the walls of T.H.E Hotel could talk... they would say, so many love-ins!

We have been staying at a beautiful hotel in Shin Jeju, the newer part of the city. Eighth floor with a view of Halla (the volcano in the middle of the island) and a living room suite... sweet! It's walking distance from lots of bars and restaurants, meals which are paid for by our bad-ass employers - shwing!

Since we arrived, we've had 2 full weeks of orientation. I must say, our staff members are ace, we all get along so well, our director might be the coolest, most laid-back guy I've ever met... it's going to make for a fun-filled 2 years. We have a boat-load of Americans, a mini group of Canadians, a Brit, an Aussie, and one Czech rep. Fun crowd to say the least.

This week we are waiting on a few things:

1) To move into our apartment. Fingers have been quite cramped since I began crossing them in December, only a few more days to go.
2) For our school to be finished. Slight construction site. Update to follow.
3) For all the sweet little kiddies to get here. Aw, it's all about the kiddies.

So far we've made some great friends, been serious beach bums, ate at far too many delicious restaurants, and had the quintessential noraebong night. Korea, my sweet, sweet Korea, it's like we've never left you. So happy to be back in your arms again, this time in the beach edition.

Lots of love from SK,

Selina & Bryan (the engaged version!)

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