Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Philippines

This holiday season, once the bell rang 7:25pm and we were free, free at last, Bryan and I took off for a tropical Christmasing in the Philippines. We stayed in Boracay, just off the main center (my main traveling tip) in a little private cove called Balinghai. Six bungalows built into the side of a cliff made for a romantic setting, with some beach markets, restaurants, and bars an ideal 15 minutes away.

I learned a lot in the Philippines. I learned that bat cave adventures should be handled with caution, if ventured upon at all. I learned to always, always mind the live wires. I learned that 3 on a moped driving through the roadless Filipino jungles should include careful thought and a finger-numbing grip. I learned that Zorbing should be immediately googled and then partaken in. And I learned that Bryan's bartering skills are that of a wet dishcloth.

I also learned that Swedish people can quickly become excellent friends. I learned that white russians on the beach with said Swedish friends can be a badass way to ring in the new year. And I also learned that when in Rome, eat the seafood. Definitely, definitely, definitely eat the seafood.

And although pictures never say it all, here is my attempt at bringing the Philippines to you, one digital snapshot at a time.

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