Saturday, September 4, 2010


Picture this: You and 20 of your friends decide to trek up into the wilderness for some whitewater rafting. Except instead of one big raft, everyone has their own personal sized one. And instead of paddles, everyone has oversized webbed gloves for steering. Oh, and the instructor doesn't speak a word of English. The name of the game is riverbugging and it is high of my list of recommendations.

It was really cool to venture up into the Korean mountains. Fresh air and river water was a nice change from thick humidity and park fountains. Our friend Brook organized the whole thing, and kudos to her. It was a rockin' trip with everyone in the back of a 20 seater hagwon van. Our instructor took us through the beginner course, but then with some sneaky persuasion, we got him to take everybody down the expert course directly after (God bless Koreans and their full on lack of any actual rule systems). After 4.5 hours on the water, we all piled into a samgypsal restaurant and nearly ate them dry. Then, on our 3 hour journey home, in our van that just happened to have a pimped out karaoke machine, we belted it like it was 1999. Outdoor adventure bringing people together one rapid at a time.

Moral of the story: Riverbugging. Do it!

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  1. What a wonderful writer you are!!! I love the "bringing people together one rapid at a time". The adventure sounds awesome.