Monday, September 27, 2010

Foursome Fun

For the past week, Bry Guy and I have had the pleasure of entertaining some pretty fantastic people. Lo, a best from Canada, and her quality boyfriend Kev (or if I dare... Kevy Kev) made a visit up to Seoul for Chuseok. Every day was superbe, but there's of course high points, which I'll summarize for your maximum reading pleasure.

Highlights include: shisha bar, Seoul wining and dining, games night, and Everland, Korea's biggest amusement park. We also (pardon my French) devirginized them to several life necessities: Kevy Kev had never been on a roller coaster (gasp!) and they have been living in Korea for 3 months, and had never been to a noraebong (bigger gasp!). We also got to talk and bond over life and working in Korea, and overall got to hang out with some pretty rad folks.

Then, just because we're ever so spontaneous, the following day we followed them back to their Korean homeland, Busan (coastal city on the Southeast). So the fun continued, doing it up in the surf town, where Bry's stoke was oozing from every pore. We partay-ed on the beach, surfed it up, and continued the good times. I'm sure LoLo and Kevy Kev will make their way back into our blog in the future, as we have tentative plans of Beijing 2011. May the international double dating continue one green tea latte at a time.

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