Monday, April 19, 2010

So it has been a while since we've properly blogged. My apologies. But we've been mighty busy. (Refer to previous post)

So March came with a hell of a lot more work, but we still managed to salvage our weekends as necessary. We had some solid nights out in Hongdae, the club district, with our homefries Ian and Chelsea, which was complete with Woody's, free tequila shots, delicious 'finger foods', Margaritas To Go, countless kebabs, 7/11 Ramyen, and 12 Ho Bar spottings. We finally landed at a Wii room, where we drunkenly played Mario tennis until we crashed to Miss Congeniality (Ian's choice, of course).

Other bar adventures have included Alley Pub, where a bunch of Dongtaners rocked out to some Sociables and soju cocktails. We also discovered a BATMAN bar in Suwon, which is exactly as it sounds, and totally badass. We've also made a slight habit of buying street beers and shooting BB guns. Yeah, this is Korea, the wild wild west. Everything goes, as long as you bring the mekju.

The following weekend we had a Poly workshop, which was the last thing we wanted after our newly outrageous schedules. Fortunately, we made it out alive, and headed to a wine bar where Brent, Ruy-ho, Bryan and I had vino and pasta and indulged in our freedom.

Next up was a shopping mission to Myeong-dong, one of Seoul finest fashion capitals. There is a new H&M next to the already 4 story Forever 21. Korean shopping. Nice-uh.

Since April has graced us with its slightly warmer presence, we've been indulging in the outdoors. Dongtan is da bomb dizzle, and we're loving more and more as the spring shows itself. It's filled with parks and trees, one in particular that is 20 feet from our doorstep. We bought a basketball and have been having some late night games on our sick full sized bball court. Bry made some Korean friends and they're been Hakeem Olajuwoning it up hardcore. This weekend we went to Suwon fortress and checked out the cherry blossoms, Asia's finest. Tonight we bought pizza and beers and chilled on the benches by the pagoda, looking up at the stars.. err, star.

All in all, the last few months have been hard but worth it. Excited for what's coming up: Couple long weekends, warm weather, mudfest, and a Bali vacation. Almost 6 months in, still lovin' it, still geared up for what's yet to come.

As per usual, we'll keep you posted.

Lots of love from SK,


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